• Be A Bringer


    For three weeks we are going to be talking about the different relationships in your life and we want you to bring someone from each of those circles with you. Week 1 we are dealing with friendships. Week 2 we will be

  • True North: Finding Direction for Life


    Whether we realize it or not, we were born with an innate desire to find purpose and direction for our life. The Bible tells us that we were created to find that direction in Jesus. He is our true north. During this s

  • Extraordinary: Beyond the Usual

    JULY • AUGUST 2015

    Are you tired of living a normal life? God calls us to go beyond the normal and to experience His extraordinary work in us and through us. Join us for this 6 part series as we talk about how we can see the extraordinar

  • Love Works


    The love of God is extraordinary and life changing. His love. Poured out in our hearts, the love of God becomes the central gear that drives the rest of our Christian experience. And expressed through us, God's love h

  • God First Life


    Your life will be directed by your priorities. Jesus calls us to make him the first priority in all that we do. Join us at LifeGate as we kick off 2015 by helping you learn how you can life a God First Life.

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