• Love Works


    The love of God is extraordinary and life changing. His love. Poured out in our hearts, the love of God becomes the central gear that drives the rest of our Christian experience. And expressed through us, God's love h

  • God First Life


    Your life will be directed by your priorities. Jesus calls us to make him the first priority in all that we do. Join us at LifeGate as we kick off 2015 by helping you learn how you can life a God First Life.

  • Tell Me The Story

    DECEMBER 2014

    Join us this Christmas season as we recount the most amazing story ever told. The birth of Jesus 2,000 years ago changed the course of human history. The message of his birth can change your life today.

  • Holiday Survival Guide

    NOVEMBER 2014

    Stressed about the upcoming holiday season? Don't worry. We've got some great tools to help you not just survive the next few weeks, but to make this the best holiday season you have ever had.

  • Overcome: Conquering Life's Obstacles

    SEPTEMBER 2014

    Along our journey of life we will encounter obstacles, things that stand in the way of us becoming who God created us to be. For some people, those obstacles leave them stuck, unable to progress any further on their jou

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