• Palm Sunday

    APRIL 2014

    Palm Sunday message at LifeGate

  • Dan Grider

    APRIL 2014

    Special guest, Pastor Dan Grider, shares a message with the LifeGate congregation.

  • Forward


    The Apostle Paul said "I press on..." God is calling us to keep moving forward in our journey of faith. In this 6 week series we are going to look at examples of people in the Bible who were able to move forward despit

  • TwoGether

    FEBRUARY 2014

    Pastor Ashley and Jamie are sharing about love, dating, marriage and sex. And they'll be answering some of your questions about what the Bible says about those topics.

  • Mind Monsters


    Our thoughts have the power to shape our life. The Bible says that "as a man thinks in his heart (his inner man) so he is." Unfortunately a lot of us deal with "mind monsters" - thoughts, habits and patterns of thinki

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