• Ask, Seek, Knock

    DECEMBER 2013 • JANUARY 2014

    We're ending 2013 and starting off 2014 by talking about prayer. This two part series will lead into our 21 Days of fasting and prayer from January 6-26.

  • Light of the World

    DECEMBER 2013

    Join us for our Christmas series during the month of December as we talk about the Light of the World.

  • Forgiveness


    Forgiveness is one of the most powerful concepts in Scripture. Join us for this series as we learn how to receive forgiveness and also give forgiveness away. The principles taught in this series will revolutionize your

  • God of the Underdogs


    Ever felt like you just aren't good enough, that you don't measure up, that the odds in life are stacked against you? Does it feel like you are the underdog in life? Guess what? You aren't alone.

    In fact the

  • Where You Belong


    Everyone has a desire to belong, to be a part of something bigger than themselves. The truth is that God created us to belong. Join us for this four part series as we talk about where the Bible says we fit and how you

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